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Guarantee conditions

Product quality assurance period of time (guarantee):

All products of this company have at least 13 active warranties for light batteries up to 74 amps and at least 9 months for heavy and commercial batteries from the time of production. which can be queried in one of the following two ways:

  1. Inquiring from the website of Borna Battery Company and using the guarantee check menu (at this stage, it is also possible to print a guarantee card).
  2. Send the barcode number listed on the battery to the 10003837 system via SMS and receive the guarantee expiration date.
  • The criterion for calculating the guarantee period is the guarantee expiration date, which can be inquired by one of the two methods explained in the above paragraphs.
  • If the defect observed in the battery is caused by defects in the manufacturing process, After-sales service centers of the company are obliged to replace the defective battery and deliver the replacement battery.
  • If the desired date has passed, the battery will be out of guarantee.

The following items are not included in the guarantee:

  • Whitening of the battery indicator.
  • Inadequate capacity of the battery with the car and installing consumer electrical equipment on the car and using the car battery for non-car purposes.
  • Opening the lid and internal components of the sealed battery or adding electrolyte in any way.
  • Any type of short circuit or corrosion of the battery poles and reverse closing of the battery poles due to charging or incorrect installation of the battery and sulfation of the poles.
  • Exploding, breaking, deforming and changing the shape of the battery.
  • Lack of charge or overcharge caused by improper functioning of the dynamo and electrical appliances of the car, which leads to drying or depletion of the electrolyte.
  • Ways of communication for final customers and registration of customer dissatisfaction:

    Compliance and full implementation of the provisions of this instruction is mandatory for all after-sales service centers of this company's products, and dear customers, if they have any problems, Ambiguity, question or dissatisfaction can be reported to this company through the following communication channels so that the issue can be investigated and necessary action taken as soon as possible.

    Completing the customer dissatisfaction form on the website of Borna Battery Company at the address www.bornabattery.ir

    After-sales service headquarters phone number:  3837-031 Call  all internal: 4760, 4761

    Email: AfterSales@BornaBattery.com

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Tehran office

Unit 25, 7th floor, No. 22, Second Alley, Shahid Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad St., Mohseni Square
Phone: 0098-21-222238850098-21-22223885
Fax: 0098-21-22920690
Postal code: 1547914463

Central office

Management office, second floor, Isfahan City Center, Vahid Dastjerdi Highway, Isfahan,Iran
Phone: 0098-31-36550523-6
Fax: 0098-31-36550527
Postal code: 8169414939


No. 6, 8th St., Mobarakeh Industrial Zone,Isfahan, Iran
Phone: 0098-31-3837(30 lines)
Fax: 0098-31-52373245
Postal code: 8486134411
Email: info@BornaBattery.com

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